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Translation Services | ERF

Translation Services | ERF

Through its translation service, ERF aims to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. With a translation service that puts high-quality at the top, ERF will help you to solve those problems and misunderstanding that can happen when dealing with foreign languages.

The exact quality requested by the customer

Quality Prioritized Translation caters for the exact quality requested by the customer.


It is our philosophy at ERF to help building a bridge between different languages and cultures by providing Quality Prioritized Translation. Customer satisfaction is the core of our Quality Prioritized Translation.

As the name suggests, it is a translation service of excellent quality at a reasonable price and particularly suited for public communication areas such as company brochures and company websites in Japanese language, where trust in your company will be judged on the quality of such publications. We also offer translation services for reference materials, that aim to satisfy the customer on the cost side.

Check our rates on each language page

Please check our competitive rates on each language page.

In order not to incur extra cost, it is very important that we, at ERF, know exactly what the translation is for. Please specify how the translation will be used at the time of requesting your quote. The cost can be reduced by adjusting quality and turnaround time. We will be delighted to find the best solution for you, so please inquire.

Guide for turnaround time

Translation Turnaround Time Guide for turnaround time (general information on working timeframe)

Japanese to English translation under 3000 characters - 3 working days (weekdays) for translation and delivery on the 4th day after commissioning. English to Japanese translation under 3000 words - 3 working days (weekdays) for translation and delivery on the 4th day after commissioning. Above that word/character counts, 1000 words/characters a day will be the standard working pace.

Of course, we will do our best to accommodate your requirement, please do not hesitate to inform us about your desired turnaround when you ask for a quote.

The translation work will begin on the day after the order is formally confirmed. (Turnaround time is calculated from one day after the order)

The standard timeframe of translation is 1000 characters/words per day. This includes the time for checking the translation to ensure the quality. We can provide DTP services as well. The turnaround time will depend on the contents, so please inquire when requesting a quote.

Post translation work such as creation of paginal translation file and dictionary file is not included in the abovementioned turnaround time.

Deliver before the standard turnaround time

30% Express Service Fee will be applied if the translation needs to be delivered before the standard turnaround time.

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